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Why Use A VPN In New Zealand?

Due to location-based IPs and internet restrictions, it’s pretty annoying for the average internet user to get around geo-restrictions or accessing foreign websites in New Zealand. Fortunately, you can use a New Zealand VPN service to break the shackles of georestrictions and access the web safely and securely. Moreover, with the influence of the Five Eyes, Kiwis have become more vigilant in matters pretaining to their online privacy and security, and they have every reason to be this way.


Stream Movies and TV Shows From Within New Zealand

Ivacy VPN allows you to watch your favorite movies, TV Shows, News and sports from anywhere in the world. Whether you are a New Zealand expat in another country or a Kiwi trying to access foreign content from within New Zealand, Ivacy has got you covered.


Torrent Safely and Securely

Torrenting itself is not illegal in New Zealand, but when it comes to downloading of copyrighted material, the complications and restrictions come along. Use Ivacy VPN for New Zealand to Torrent under the hood and evade ISP monitoring and spying.


Surf Internet Anonymously

With 100% zero-log policy and strong military grade encryption, Ivacy allows you to surf the web anonymously and securely. Ivacy not only allow you to pass through censorships, but give you that opportunity to experience the web with no online restrictions.

Ivacy's New Zealand VPN is Quick, Reliable and Secure

  • Complete access to any and all content online.
  • Enjoy unlimited server switching.
  • Achieve ultimate protection with 256-bit military grade encryption.
  • Benefit from purpose-based servers.
  • Access 100+ servers present in New Zealand for optimum performance.
  • If you are not satisfied, take advantage of Ivacy’s 30-day money back guarantee*.

Essential features Offered by the Best New Zealand VPN Service

  • 275+ Servers, 100+ locations
  • Highly Optimized Servers
  • Unlimited Server Switching
  • Multiple Login Support
  • Smart Purpose Selection
  • Unlimited Bandwidth Usage

Ivacy’s Fast New Zealand VPN Server Network

Ivacy has 200+ servers in New Zealand alone, among which 50 servers are P2P optimized, which means you have complete freedom to do P2P file-sharing / Torrenting anonymously from anywhere within New Zealand or even outside of New Zealand.

Get Ivacy Now
30 Days Money-back Guarantee*

New Zealand Servers, their locations, speeds, IPs.

By using Ivacy VPN - the best New Zealand VPN service, you can add an extra layer of privacy and security to your internet connection and make your online communications anonymous. Ivacy VPN changes your IP address and allows you to remotely connect to its fast New Zealand VPN servers which route your data through its secure tunnel. Prevent ISPs from monitoring you and Government from spying on your by using Ivacy VPN for New Zealand.







Get Ivacy Now
30 Days Money-back Guarantee*

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